Odysee is essentially a forever location!  It is built on blockchain hastags and peer to peer networks! This is the place that videos live forever! Sign up for Odysee, you will not be disappointed! (Also, LBRY is the platform this is built on, and LBRY is the app you will want to download, to have on your device!


SJG Perspective


My podcast can be found here, on Anchor.fm and spotify!  Along with several other sites. Check out my podcast page for other places to follow the podcast also.

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Video Repository

Rumble is another decentralized video sharing site. Still figuring it out, but seems cool.  You might as well follow me here to!



Free thought and expression, better version of Twitter!

Parler is like Twitter, if Twitter was not ran by a thought Nazi!



You can still follow me on Farcebook.  That is in between my jail sentences that I seem to get all the time because Mark Suckerberg is a douche rag!  Though if you want to follow me here you can, just make sure you are also following on the other sites, because Mark will ban me eventually!



Susan wajizzsky also is not a fan of my content!  So for the time being you can follow me here also, though I would recommend Odysee (LBRY), and Dlive.



Jack Dorksky is also not a fan!  So follow me there until the authoritarian overlords decide my wrongthink is not permitted any longer!