Freedom of Expression Should Have Limits!

Trudeau stated that freedom of Expression should have limits! So basically like, freedom-lite!

How is it that people making jokes about a superstitious prophet of the religion of alleged peace, have to limit what they say or think, in order to not trigger these backwoods, ignorant, low IQ tools, from going on some psychotic murderous rampage?

Then Trudeau has the gonads, to tell us, that it is our fault for speech!? I guess we can't condemn the actions of the radical far right conservative religious freak zealots alone, that would go against the far left radical religion of the church of intersectional wokeness! As does free thought and speech.

So the answer to this murderous and haneous crime, is to take a closer look at and condemn free speech!


Eat a bag of maple syrup covered dicks Justin! Preferably herpes infested!

Canadian opposition aghast as Trudeau responds to violence over Mohammed cartoons by saying freedom of expression must have LIMITS

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