Pointless Wars, Keep Us Safe!

Mitch McConnell, ol' gobbler neck himself, seems to think pulling out of Afghanistan would put the world and the US in danger! That makes sense, I mean all the bombings and terrorist attacks that have happened directly because of Afghanistan here at home, have really quieted down in the last 20 years we have been in that death trap territory! Oh wait, no they haven't, because they never actually attacked us!

Mitch is beholden to keep our boys and girls, our men and women in Afghanistan. Obviously because he cares about our safety and the safety of our troops. It has nothing to do with his connections to the military industrial complex and their control they wield over our foreign policy decisions.


How utterly ridiculous, disingenuous, and transparent Mitch sounds through his gobble throated and wrinkly neck!

Neocon Mitch is right in line with the new war hawk's, the neoliberal war machine left!

Trump says he wants to get us out of these wars, and immediately you have push back from all the deep seated establishment shit stains. Want to see who is against freedom and liberty in the classic sense? Do you want to know who pulls the strings of the politicians? Do you want to understand who is part of the deep bureaucracy that hates average day Americans? Try getting us out of our myriad engagements and wars world wide, and you will see very quickly who is the enemy of the American People!


Mitch Loves Afghanistan Deployment

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