Smells like a possible setup.

So apparently, the Iranians have targeted some senior officials within the pentagon. They have targeted them for assassination in retaliation for the Iranian general salami that was assassinated last year.

What I see or think about when I read this story, and it could be my tinfoil hat speaking, though what I see is the setup for some sort of false flag type attack.


What it says to me is there are some military or pentagon officials, that someone within our government has decided need to go. Now I don't know if those are military or Pentagon officials that are sympathetic to Trump, or possibly against Trump.

Maybe it has nothing to do with loyalty to one partisan party, but rather they are targets because, for whatever reason they're not playing along with the plan, whatever that may be. Essentially they're just not playing very well in the sandbox, no pun intended.

So they are being set up to be removed from the equation and there's no better way to do that, than to set up a story in the minds of the people that it is a retaliation strike set in motion from our hated enemy Iran.

In fact it could serve a lot of very good purposes for the deep State military industrial complex. They could get rid of some problematic officials within the Pentagon while simultaneously fomenting and creating the narrative and motivation to retaliate against Iran.


Who knows, maybe nothing happens at all and this is just some propaganda piece to make sure people are suspicious of and programmed to see Iran as the big bad Boogey man, they all want us to see them as.

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