The Darkest Winter

Hello friends,

I really need you to watch this 12 minute video with an open mind. I am a conservative, constitution, liberty loving patriot. Though I really feel, and have for some time now, that we are all getting played.

I have to say that I ultimately hope Trump wins, even though there are things about him I'm suspicious about, and strongly disagree with. Ultimately I am a believer in the message and vision of freedom, and don't want to simply and blindly follow a man, but rather the plan of liberty and freedom.

Having said that, there has been a plan against liberty and freedom for many years, chipping away at it piece by piece. I really think we are about to see that plan enacted 100% full steam ahead.

Please watch this video with an open mind, it is truly non-partisan and is simply the truth of what has recently happened, what is presently happening, and what we are likely to see happen in the near future.

Prepare your minds, hearts and families for what lies ahead. Not in fear, but with sobriety of thought and action.


Darkest Winter Video 12 minutes.

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