They Are Not Stupid, Quit Saying They Are!

Wanna know what really toast my chips? No? Well I'm going to tell you anyways!

I get nad cramps when I hear well meaning people say “Politicians don’t understand how real life works!", "Elites are so out of touch!”, “How can these politicians be so stupid with policies that hurt the working man?”, “These morons are total idiots” (that last one is a little redundant).

The reason this pisses me off so much, is because it is completely, utterly and thoroughly wrong!

Why do we let them get away with being idiots when they are clearly not idiots? Why do we give them a dunce cap pass, when they in all likelihood have a respectable IQ score? Why do we throw them a life line and or air mattress to land on, or any sort of a get out of jail card?

These politicians, elitists, celebrities, high brow amoeba scum know exactly what they are doing when it comes to policies that end up hurting the common middle class americans. They are not stupid! They should not get that kind of classification or justification for their transparently invasive and harmful actions they take against the common everyday American.

These shit sniffers know full well what they are doing. They have close door meetings with the movers and shakers of American and international policy design machinery! When they decree new laws or rules or regulations that crush American families and or workers, they know what they are doing. It isn’t by accident these things happen, they happen by design and they happen because they think you and I are worthless alley dwelling rats! They view us as subhuman animals that can be dealt with in whatever way is most beneficial to them.


When we give them the benefit of being stupid, we play right into their schmarmy, grubby,

filthy little fingers. We give them exactly the plausible deniability that they so desire and have so designed!

When John Kerry comes out and tells thousands of skilled laborers, that they can simply learn to make solar panels instead of welding pipelines. They don't do that because they are stupid and don't understand how the real world works. They do it because they hate you, they hate me and they only pretend they care when it is time to put these pampered cock holsters back in office for another term.

They do not, and will not, ever give a royal shit about any of us other than securing our pretend vote to keep or put them back in office. Though that is something right now they are making sure to remove any obstacles of also in and of itself (Voting).