Rise Up is our Anthem! This song talks about the freedoms that our systematically being stolen from us right now! How we are being held down, by authoritarian dictates of how we can live our lives! The only thing that government fears, is a focused and united citizenry! That is the only thing they cannot stop! This is why they use fear, and control, and manipulation to hold us back and hold us down! It is now time we "RISE UP" together and refuse to comply! If we do not do it now, things only get worse! PEOPLE IT IS NOW TIME, REFUSE TO COMPLY AND TAKE YOUR RIGHTS BACK...RISE UP! Special Thanks: Jarin Bressler for the tremendous job mixing and mastering the track, Stefan Campean for taking the time to record the Bass line, and Chuck Warda for the awesome job on the lead guitar work. Thank you guys!

Rise Up


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